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AEDP with Bev Stratton

Accelerated Experiential

Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP)

The "Change Triangle"

Hear ... Don't Fear Anxiety and Shame

Bev Stratton Therapist lilacs

Anxiety and shame signal deeper feelings


Get to the core—what’s really going on. 

Feel the sadness, fear, or anger underneath. 

Then the anxiety and shame will ease up too.  

You don’t have to feel the painful feelings alone..

Go Deeper. . .

Feeling our core emotions—especially in the presence of someone who cares about us—helps us move out of anxiety, shame, guilt, depression, addictive or distracting behaviors, and other defenses. Then we feel better.

You can watch a video about AEDP here.

Our ‘true self’ emerges

by fully experiencing

and processing

our emotions 
in the presence

of a ‘true other.’ 


–Diana Fosha, PHD (AEDP Founder)

The Change Triangle

What is the Change Triangle?

How AEDP helps us transform our lives

by staying WITH our emotions

My Experience with AEDP


I have level 1 training in AEDP, having completed its immersion course. I have studied Emotions Education 101 and its train the trainer program.  I participate in an AEDP therapy group to stay aware of my own inhibitory emotions and defenses and to help me process my core emotions.   

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