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Individual Therapy with Bev Stratton

Individual Therapy

Yo do not have to face the pain of life alone.

You do not have to
face the pain of life alone.

Often, we just want someone to care about us … to be with us … to let us know that we matter … to listen without judging us, giving advice, or trying to fix us.  Let me walk alongside you.  You can talk freely.  I will listen.  You deserve support, compassion, and human presence.


When you’re feeling crummy, you just want to feel better.  You may not know why you feel bad, you’re just super anxious, or maybe you’re slogging through the mud. 


Or, there may be specific incidents, relationships, or patterns of your own behavior that plague you. 


We’ll work together to bring relief, hope, and change.  I’ll stay with you to help you find an approach to your feelings and problems that works for you.

If you're feeling
anxious. . .

  • We can begin with some breathing and other state changers to bring you some immediate relief.

  • I’ll introduce AEDP and the change triangle.  

  • You’ll learn to process your core emotions (fear, sadness, anger, etc.) that anxiety is trying to prevent you from feeling.

By processing your core emotions, you’ll experience greater calm, clarity, confidence, curiosity, courage, compassion, and connection — as well as less anxiety!

If you're depressed or unmotivated. . .

  • We’ll consider potential changes in eating, sleep, exercise to ease your symptoms.

  • We’ll look at what the depression may be trying to tell you. Do you need to slow down?  How are your relationships?

  • We’ll consider whether the depression is functioning as a defense to prevent you from feeling a core emotion. (See the change triangle.

  • If you’re having a major depressive episode, I’ll help you understand what that is and what additional supports may be helpful.

If you don’t know what’s wrong, you just know you’re unhappy. . .

  • We’ll focus on what you are feeling right now, so that you can begin to notice your emotions and link them to your body and to your experiences.

  • We’ll look at your history and how you may be impacted by your family of origin. 

  • We may consider whether your protector parts are working too hard, or if wounded parts need to be unburdened. 

We may check in with your younger parts, help you listen to them, befriend them, and/or take back control if they are “driving the bus” of your life.

Let me help you ...

Love your feelings.  Love your Life.
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