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Post Induction Therapy

for healing development trauma

Grow Now

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You can feel more adult, less reactive.  

What we did to survive may not help us thrive.

Go Deeper. . .

  • Maybe people abused or ignored us … or they were immature or broken themselves. 

  • We learned we did not matter — So now we act entitled or enraged.  Or we feel like victims.

  • Our “yes” and “no” were not honored — So we put up walls. Or let people trample us.

  • People lied, controlled, or denied our reality — So we manipulate to get our way.  Or we don’t trust ourselves or others. 

  • Others’ needs always won out.  Ours didn’t matter — So we learned to do without. 
    Or to do everything ourselves.  Or to depend too much on others. 

  • We did not learn to be responsible for our own needs and wants. 

  • We don’t know how to depend on each other, and to support each other. 
    We may not take care of ourselves.

  • We tried to be perfect or we acted out to survive — We still live in extremes. 
    It hurts us and others.  It’s hard to be moderate.

An Overview of

Post Induction Therapy

Podcast – being

"Your Wise Adult Self"

My Experience with Pia Mellody’s Post Induction Therapy (PIT) for healing developmental trauma


This model expects therapists to do a 3-day Family of Origin Intensive as a client;

I found it transformative.  I have completed the required experiential trainings (Healing Relational Trauma, Inner Child Work, and Feeling Reduction), participated in a consult group, prepared clients to do their intensives, and supported clients as they integrated their learning.   

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