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Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) with Bev Stratton

Emotionally Focused Therapy

(EFT) for Couples

Stop Fighting Now ... But How?

Bev Stratton Couple Therapist lilacs

When you feel connected and respected, you talk easily.


When you’re scared or hurt, you protect yourself.  Conflict erupts.  Walls go up. 

You feel coldness from each other.

You can’t even think about communication tools when the emotional “elephant” is on a rampage.  


But the bond—that brings us so much pain when it is broken—is also our superpower. 

It’s the only thing that stands a chance against emotional tornados.


Learn to reach and respond to your mate, rather than poke or pull away.  


  • Tune into your feelings and needs.  

  • Learn to share them vulnerably and to ask for what you need. 

  • Listen and respond to your partner’s feelings and needs—even the “raw spots.”  

Then you’ll feel seen, heard, and precious. 

You’ll each be each other’s “person.”

Go Deeper. . .

Decades of research on what actually helps relationships to improve have shown that having positive experiences, where you connect emotionally with your partner, is what gets couples out of the negative cycle of fighting or distance so that partners feel safe and secure.  When couples are struggling, they need to have those positive experiences first in therapy.  Then you can learn to have them at home.  Then you can grow and thrive in loving relationships. 


There is a logic, a science to love relationships.

EFT provides a map so your therapist can help you see the negative patterns in your relationship, stop fighting, remove the blocks to connecting, and learn how to repair.  Then you can change the ways you interact so that you deepen your bond with your partner.  With that bond, you will approach old problems in new ways.

Science tells us clearly

that bonding goes

from the cradle to the grave.

Staying close

to a protective loved one

is the main survival strategy

of our species.

-Dr. Sue Johnson, founder of EFT

My Experience with EFT


I am a Certified Emotionally Focused Therapist, which involves a rigorous process of peer review.  I have worked with hundreds of couples, using this model.  I have hundreds of hours of supervised practice in EFT, and have completed numerous advanced EFT trainings and other trainings for working with couples.  Since 2016 I have co-facilitated Hold Me Tight® weekends, which bring the EFT model to couples in an experiential educational workshop.

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